The Change Curve and the Loser Trap

As part of our mission we acknowledge the impact a change curve can have on ours and your business and the fact that along the way your may need a little help to get through it.

Change brings about greater effort, costs more time and money. All before you start to see some of the gains. It also not a one shot deal, change keeps happening. 

So where are you on the Change Curve? 

Whilst some may not believe that their businesses need to change. In an ever-shifting world, standing still is not an option. A successful business is in a state of flux all the time and this drives it forward allowing it to stand out from the competition.

We all experience change whether we like it or not. 

So if you are 

  • Heading into the loser trap, following a change
  • Floundering around trying to make headway
  • Surfing up the curve enjoying the success
  • Contemplating the next change 

Don’t worry every company goes through these challenges its how you handle these, that make the real difference and often to whether the change is a success or failure.

Do you have any tips you can share?

I have always found one of the things that bring real success to a change is to ensure you communicate not only the change you are making but the WHY behind the change. Once you get understanding you will gain support and the power of your team.



R&J PW-47


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