Technology vs Life

Recently I read an article about a husband that had filed for divorce because his recently married wife had spent their wedding night on her phone!

While lots of thoughts went through my head I kept thinking about how technology is taking over our social interaction and are we really spending quality time with our friends and family?

While I truly believe that technology is a great tool in making life easier and is often the best solution, speeding up processes that would have previously been time consuming, sometimes we let it take over.

So how do we manage our work life balance or as like to think life work balance?

Well often for a business owner it comes down being able to let go a little and be able to free some time so they are not the only person employees can come to.

So how do you get there well for me it is a mixture of being able to delegate, people using their own initiative and systemisation of processes so you get a constant result.

Stephen Covey talked about the Initiative and Delegation ladder in his book “Principle Centred Leadership”. I think that you cannot have one without the other, a combination of the two delivers the best results.

While Systemisation allows those that are willing to take the initiative and deliver what you want every time. Giving them more confidence to do more and add more value.



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