Charity Apathy

Charitable giving has now become big business and as such we are now questioning how we give to charities. 

It used to be collections on the street, the spare change you had in your pocket at the time and you thought that 100% of it would make it to the charity without losing a large percentage of it on its way.

Now I appreciate that Charities are now effectively big companies and those that are employed within them need to earn a living and be rewarded for the success they manage to achieve.

Donators are now swamped with collectors on the street, knocking at your door, team members, suppliers and customers all doing great things and trying to make a difference.

What can you do to make your donation count? Is there a better way?

AVN as been a long supporter of B1G1. One of things, which set B1G1 apart, is that they separate the donations, which go to the good causes and those that support the administration of the charity giving clarity.

The other big difference is that you can link actions to the amount you donate. You may educate an individual in a poor country every time you win a new client or every time you issue an invoice.

If you want to learn more have a look at

How about something a little different linking back to something we all take for granted?

At AVN HQ we have our office toilets twinned with those in an underdeveloped country. Our donation goes to providing a toilet that provides:-

  • A decent toilet
  • Clean water
  • Information to stay healthy
  • Safe environment

If you want to find out more go to

Something we take for granted is a luxury is so many countries.



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