Tesla a leading example

Within 24 hours of launching the Tesla Model 3 for pre orders, 235,000 people placed a deposit of between $1,000 and $5,000 for a car that will sell for in excess of $35,000. 

This in theory is one of the biggest product launches in history. $250m in deposits for $10b worth of products in 48 hours.

So why is this important to an businesses in the UK?

A classic mistake businesses make is that they only start talking about a new product or service when it is ready to be launched. It is far more powerful to take people on a journey from idea to launch.

In Daniel Priestley’s book Oversubscribed he talks about the 7, 11, 4 strategy.

·      7 hours of content

·      11 touch points

·      across 4 separate locations

If you want to find out more go to http://www.danielpriestley.com

Tesla achieved this by using various communication methods touching individuals by appealing to their learning styles. NLP talks about these as being auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

By using these different delivery methods you can convey your message effectively to a varied audience.

We will be taking these learning points and trying to work it into how we communicate with our members.

Do you have any examples where you have achieved great success with launching products and services?



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