So what have I learnt already from Blogging?

Well it is really easy to setup a Blog page using WordPress. There is a nice easy template that starts to get you going and only a relatively small amount of information to start with. At the time of writing they were giving web addresses free for life, but you could attach it to your company domain.

People buy people, so make this about you, your thoughts…they may not be the same as the company. Do not just sell, give some value a reason to come back.

So what do you need?

  • Well a profile about yourself
    • What is the reason for the Blog
    • Why are you doing it
    • What are you going to be talking about
  • Add a picture of yourself so people can see the face behind the words.

(Tip:Name the picture file with your name, this will help with your digital footprint)

That’s about it!

Now comes the content, write about things that interest you, annoy you, something you are passionate about. Then the tricky bit for me, finding an image to match the subject.

Hope you are inspired to give blogging a go as well. I’ll keep you updated to how I get on. How hopefully I get it to work for me.





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