Blogging and Copyrighted Images

I find that searching for the right image to attach to a blog or social media post can often be the most challenging part of actually publishing the content.

My own selection of photos is limited and therefore I normally turn to the likes of Shutterstock or Fotolia but, it seems that due to the constant need to keep social channels fresh and updated you are constantly looking for images, suddenly it becomes a expensive exercise.

Having been caught out by using a copyrighted image and having to pay the charge, I am not going to be caught out by that again. It turned out to be  a very expensive mistake.

So I went on the search for free images I could used. Here are the top five sites I’ve found.

There are different levels of copyright so make sure you are using it in the correct way and abide by the rules. The rules can change, so read any conditions attached at the point of using the image.

Better still if you can spend the time to build stock photos of your own, including yourself, colleagues and your place of work. Rather than being just stock images they become more relevant and allow people to relate to you.

Hope this helps.





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