Pokemon Go

So why should business be entrigued by Pokemon Go?

Well if the fact that its launch increased Nintendo’s market price by 60% is not interesting enough.

Then the fact that this is the first time augmented reality (AR) has over laid a virtual environment with the physical environment and it has been adopted by the masses. There are already apps, which allow you to place furniture in your room or see how a stair lift may look in your hallway.

This adoption of technology could bring the acceptance of the virtual reality office the next step from having a virtual office. Does this seem a little bit too much like Star Trek? The tool of choice for accountants the tablet/IPAD appeared in Star Trek in 1987, this together with a number of other seemingly far-fetched ideas have been turned into reality.

Well maybe we are a little ahead of our time but making it easy for clients to work with you is going to be a way to differentiate yourself. Time is valuable and clients will be looking for ways to work with you more efficiently so make sure you are up to speed with running meets online.

Look at Zoom, Google Hangouts, Adobe, Skype and FaceTime. Team this with an online appointment booking system such as TimeTrade, Mindbody, Front Desk or10to8. You are on your way to providing a virtual environment to have instant face to face meetings.

Hope this helps.





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